Who Are We?

We are a travel-loving couple who after years of sitting in a cubicle (Russ) & running a bakery business (Betsy), decided to hit the road in May 2016!  As we explore the country, we hope to demonstrate that you don’t have to be rich & retired to live a life with a serious case of wanderlust. We share our journey in hope to inspire others to follow their dreams & create their own adventures.

Russ was born and grew up in Central Pennsylvania under the watchful eye of two loving parents and five curious siblings. Just due west of Central PA, Betsy was born and grew up in Central Ohio (Where's Waldo? to be exact) surrounded by the most supportive and loving parents and older sister in the world! A chance meeting in the fall of 2005 and 3 years of long distance dating, led to a lovely wedding in August 2008 and the beginning of Russ & Betsy's happily ever after. A condo in Alpharetta, GA and a home in Limerick, PA, were evidence enough that a nomadic lifestyle was meant for us.


  • Incredible Wife - devoted, loving, & provides at least one good smile per day!
  • Creative Monster - If it can be made, she will try it. Always seeking the creative potential in all things - from food to paper to tidying. Has organized everything in her life, but HER LIFE. 
  • Jill of All Trades - 2nd Grade Teacher, Cupcake Baker, Business Owner, Softball Player, Tasks as Varied as the Stars

What She Loves (other than Russ): 

  1. ICE CREAM - BTW Mint Oreo if you’re coming over!
  2. SURFING - On the web, not water. Enjoys social media of all sorts - follow us, nuff’ said.
  3. CRAFTING - Always up for a little mess (I mean project) - Pinterest is dangerous.
  4. LEARNING NEW THINGS - Love trying anything once, most things more than once!
  5. SOCIAL GET-TOGETHERS -  But don’t forget the much needed quiet time every now & again. 


  • Incredible Husband - patient, loving, & provides at least one good laugh per day! 
  • Tire Junkie - if something rolls by on wheels, he will check the tires! 
  • Cubicle Prisoner - Telecommunications for 26 years. Out on parole without an ankle bracelet- given a second chance at life! 

What He Loves (other than Betsy): 

  1. WATCHING BASKETBALL - It's not just a beautiful game, it mirrors life. You don’t always have to run the play as it's drawn up!
  2. DATA & ANALYTICS - anything can be explained using numbers (except age)!
  3. LOUNGING OUTSIDE WITH A BOOK - The fresh air blows the words right off the pages or is that just pollen?
  4. PIZZA - Sans Gluten, of course. It’s Belly over Mind
  5. TIME WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS -  But not quite as much as time alone. Can you spell introvert?