Hey there! I am so happy you landed here on our little essential oils page, Simply Loving Oils. Allow me to introduce you to the amazing world of EO’s, thats what all the cool people are calling essential oils these days! Okay, more like those people who love a good abbreviation. But first, let’s start off with a little personal introduction. Drumroll puh-lease….

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I’m Betsy! A lady that enjoys traveling, exploring, reading, blogging social media stalking (not the creepy kind) and is a little oil crazy! I’ve been married to my favorite person in the world, Russ, for nearly 10 years!  I started my oily journey 3 years ago. It started as a way to include and use more natural alternatives in our everyday lives. I wasn’t looking to join a network marketing gig because quite frankly those never were and never will be my cup of tea. Thankful for friends & family that do sell some cool stuff from those, but never wanted to be the one to do the selling. I may have skills and talents, but being a saleswoman never made the list of things to include on my resume. 

I truly never felt comfortable talking about the "business" side of Young Living because I didn't want anyone to think that's why I use and share about these oils. Let me assure you, it’s definitely not. But, as we use the oils for more and more things, I started to feel guilty for not sharing more about them. I started using Young Living essential oils by buying the starter kit because it was the best deal and those that know me or have been reading the blog for awhile know that I love a good deal. When I started using the oils, I couldn’t stop myself from buying them. I have purchased once a month for the past 3 years! 

So when I signed up with the starter kit, I automatically became an independent distributor, meaning I could get the wholesale pricing on any purchases I would make in the future. At the time, I didn’t know if I would ever purchase more oils, but boy has it saved me a bundle. I am not required to make any purchases or meet any quotas. I never planned to make a dime from these oils, but sharing about something that has made our home an even better place has given me the opportunity to earn a few bucks. I’m okay with that because I don’t “sell” anything, I’m just here to share about these lovely little bottles filled with wonderful essential oils. I know I’m a fanatic because when I empty a bottle, I can’t seem to even part with the empty bottle. That is totally unlike me, I’m a person who doesn’t like clutter and when something is empty or gone - it’s outta here! You have to remember we live in a 429 square foot box on wheels. I don’t have room for empty bottles, but if you happen to visit and put your hand under the couchside table to the right side of the couch, you will find a bag of empty essential oil bottles safely stashed there. I told you I’m hooked! 

Enough about me already and how we got started, let’s talk about the oils themselves.

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Essential oils are a natural oil obtained by steam distillation, resin tapping or cold pressing of seeds, barks, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. After distillation, the outcome is a highly concentrated portion of essential oil. This oil now contains the true essence of the plant it was extracted from, including its smell, healing properties, and other characteristics. 


One of the benefits of getting a starter kit through this link ( http://yl.pe/39t3), is that you also get to join the Drops of Health facebook page that’s specifically for questions about essential oils! I’ll be happy to help out too! Shoot me an email if you have any questions. 


It does seem like a new essential oils company pops up quite often, doesn’t it? I can’t speak directly to the quality of other companies, but I can say that Young Living was the only company in my research of essential oil companies that could answer all of my questions about purity in a way that was satisfactory to me. Plus I have some pretty awesome friends that are uber good at research, that have proven to me why Young Living oils are where its at!! Thanks, ladies. Essential oils sold in health food stores or home decor stores are typically aroma-grade or fragrance-grade oils and while they do smell good, they don’t offer the same therapeutic and medicinal benefits. But I have to be honest, in a side by side bottle test, you can simply tell by just a sniff which oil is 100% pure. These other oils may have an essential oil base, but may also contain additives, fillers, and synthetics to increase volume or fragrance. Pure essential oils contain all desired therapeutic compounds – nothing more, nothing less. Your essential oils should not come with an expiration date.


THIEVES - This oil is a winning combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, and eucalyptus. This is the oil we use to clean everything from our house to our cars. You will also find me taking it along when we travel because if I need to clean something, I’m disappointed by all other cleaners. This is also the oil that keeps the sickies away. As silly as we look and as ticklish as it is rubbing Thieves on our feet, its the champion at keeping any sickness at bay! 

LAVENDER - This oil amazes me by is versatility. It is our go-to for soothing skin issues, burns, bites, you name it. I am simply blown away on how effective it is on taking the pain right out of a burn. A bad burn which would typically pester for days will not be noticeable by the very next day. The signs of the burn will still be there, but the pain is nowhere to be found. I recently was really, really stupid and ended up with a pretty bad sunburn. I traded in my human card for a lobster card that week. I thought I was going to be down for the count, but then I grabbed for the trusty bottle of lavender. And while I still looked like a lobster for the next few days, I no longer felt like there were hundreds of lobsters clawing at my skin. As an added benefit baby oh baby I slept like one as lavender is a rather calming oil. 

PEPPERMINT - As someone who gets frequent headaches, I don’t like the bottle of peppermint to get too far away. Instead of a bottle of Tylenol, I keep a bottle of this one in my purse and beside my bed. Nearly always it manages to melt away tension in my head. This is also one I use in our bug spray. As RVers, bug spray is a hot commodity and our homemade stuff is by far my favorite. I’ve never had bug spray that I don’t hesitate to spray directly on my face. Nor have I ever used bug spray that I felt I didn’t have to shower to get off my body before going to bed. Not anymore my friends, instead it has a fresh and flowery smell! 

DI-GIZE - I have a love hate relationship with this oil blend. I’m not a fan of either the smell or taste, but nothing settles a gurgling stomach after a Texas-sized fried-food frenzy at a local festival or fair (not that I would know anything about that!) like this one does. A few drops in a cup of seltzer water and I’m feeling better in less than an hour. 

GRAPEFRUIT - Oh the citrus oils, they make my heart flutter. They frequent my diffuser and are found in my strange combinations that become our homemade perfumes and colognes. It’s also one I like to drop into an afternoon glass of water for a refreshing pick-me-up.  

  • We have been able to cut out many chemical-laden and synthetic products.  In a world of synthetic & man-made, well… everything, its refreshing to have natural alternatives on hand everyday. We are able to reach for our oils stash rather than the medicine cabinet. 


  • I haven’t been sick with a cold or flu even ONCE in the 3 years I have been using essential oils. This alone has made the investment in oils 100% worth it. Itchy throat, runny nose, body aches have not even been a part of my life. My immune system is a happy one! Russ does have some allergy issues here in Texas, but the allergy trio of oils (lemon, lavender, and peppermint) in a spoonful of honey works wonders. 


  • They make my home smell good! Because no one likes a stink, stank, or a stunk!


  • We use ONE product to clean our entire home - counter tops, toilets, sinks, mirrors, floors, and even to get stains out of carpet. ONE product folks, not a dozen bottles that take up precious space under the sink. 
  • I had heard about essential oils and was like “Yeah, Yeah - another fad. Another one of those marketing things!”


  • Someone telling me that putting oil on your body and expecting it to heal anything sounded a bit…. woo woo, foo foo … to me! But what do you know, I tried them and they work. Russ and I are still often amazed after trying a new oil for something and hours later realizing that yet again … those darn essential oils worked! 


  • I was mostly reluctant to get started because let’s be honest, these oils are NOT cheap! But as we did our budget again this year, both Russ and I agreed that this is not an area that we will skimp. The benefits outweigh the price tag ten-fold.

So if you’re interested in taking the plunge, here are some ways to get started. 

If you want to try an individual oil, I will gladly order for you at my cost.  If you want to try a bunch of oils and want a diffuser, the premium starter kit is definitely the way to go. If you want to sign-up now, I would love to be your sponsor. You can follow my link here... http://yl.pe/39t3. I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist Diffuser. If you order this one, I will have diffuser envy as I have yet to add the Desert Mist one to my diffuser collection. It will run for 10 hours my friends! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.