• A desire to create & conquer our bucket list NOW, while we are young and able and not too afraid to take the risks! See great things & do great things in our beautiful country!
  • A Million Dollar View for less than $20/night! Ocean Views, Mountain Side, Lake Front were descriptions for houses we couldn’t afford in our tradition lives.


  • A desire to live simpler lives with less “stuff”. We hope to focus more on experiences & memories, and less on tangible things.
  • We both love to travel and see new things & places. However, we are also drawn to the comforts of home. Since our home has wheels, we are able to explore the country, chase the sun, and still return to our own little space & sleep in our own bed every night! It may be cliche, but HOME is where you PARK it!


  • Connect more with family & friends. Finding time in our traveling life to communicate with family & friends will be a priority - more phone calls, making scenery FaceTime calls, jotting handwritten notes, or meeting up across the country.
  • Without a doubt one of the main reasons we decided to embark on this crazy little lifestyle is to simply BE TOGETHER. Adventure together, work together, troubleshoot together, blog together, be successful together - I think you get the point.