Week #7 at Amazon

Week #7 at Amazon

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with or representing Amazon. We are simply detailing our workamping experiences for those interested during our time as Amazon Camperforce associates.

Tis’ the season for Amazon shopping. We can tell as we continue to have plenty of work during the evening hours at Amazon. This week was a normal 40-hour week with our overtime day getting cancelled. The call to cancel OT usually comes the day before while we are still tucked into bed sleeping, so it is hard to be disappointed. This message certainly makes our feet rejoice to know they won’t be subjected to an extra day of use or as they think abuse. Many of our co-workers are upset by the lack of overtime hours, but as newbies to Amazon Camperforce we came in with the expectation of working our regular 40 hours with the overtime being considered a bonus. 

We did have a super lucky week - winning a couple power hours and raffle drawings. We ended the week with six more $5 gift cards to the local grocery store. Yippee! We are still getting rich five dollars at a time. We both agree that winning a $5 gift card is sure a lot easier than working an extra half hour for that same five bucks. In addition, I won a Kindle Fire in part of the “Clock-In-To-Win” daily giveaway. Whoop Whoop! Then to top it off they grilled burgers and dogs for us on Friday. Nothing special, but something they wouldn’t have to do. Great gesture and makes all us associates feel appreciated. Thanks Amazon!  

On Friday we got the call & email with our end date of December 21st. Due to the needs of the fulfillment center the week before Christmas, we will be working a different schedule the next two weeks. Amazingly our assignment has passed by fairly quickly. We only have one more day off in the middle of our 9 day work stretch. Yikes! My feet just found out that news and have decided to revolt. Don’t worry - we stocked up on epsom salt today. 

We definitely dealt with our fair share of cold temps this past week. We even saw snow flurries as we left work at 4:05 AM on Thursday. Our heated hose worked great keeping water flowing and Russ had the spigot insulated up nicely. However, we found the weak point in the system and three times we had to thaw out our poor lil’ water pressure regulator when we found water wasn’t flowing. We didn’t help the issue, when we left the door to our basement storage wide open during our 10 hour shift in 15 degree weather. Oops! Charlie wasn’t very pleased with us and we weren’t either when we walked into a 46 degree camper. The furnace quickly returned the camper to a lovely sleeping temperature.  FYI - memory foam feels more similar to a brick than a pillow at those temps. Felt funny, but once warmed up we slept beautifully on the cold winter night. We have a few tweaks to make to our water system tomorrow before the cold rears its ugly head again later this week. Only a few weeks until we head South to join all the “smart” campers that are already enjoying the warmth. 

To keep with tradition, our weekly Amazon update wouldn’t be complete without the quotes, mileage, and favorite “pick/stow” items from Week #7….

“How do they serve grilled burgers and hot dogs without a grill, at 10:30 PM, when it’s 17 degrees outside?”


“Our house has wheels - why are we here while it is snowing?”


“That person better enjoy their slotted spoon - I walked 8 flights of stairs for it!”


“Continuing to get rich one $5 gift card at a time!”


“I haven’t seen them all week, they must have taken the offer to leave early. They are smarter than us!”


“We’re staying as long as they pay us or until Santa comes!”


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